Ayaka Ozubulu – TURN BY TURN

TURN BY TURN by Ayaka Ozubulu

Ayaka Ozubulu – TURN BY TURN

Extraordinarily gifted Nigerian highlife singer Ayaka Ozubulu, hailing from the eastern region, has released an intriguing track named “TURN BY TURN.”

Collaborating with skilled producers, Ayaka Ozubulu ensures that this tune is finely tuned and mesmerises listeners with its stunning instrumentation and melodic flow. The expert craftsmanship in the sound production brings out the energetic spirit of highlife, making it a joy to listen to.

This outstanding track is sure to resonate with highlife enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Add “TURN BY TURN” to your collection, share your thoughts in the comments, and help spread the word about this remarkable tune.

Listen and enjoy.


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